BLOG: Men's Soccer vs. Stevenson CAC Championship

BLOG: Men's Soccer vs. Stevenson CAC Championship

My name is Matt Clark and I will be giving you the latest blog updates of today's contest as the York College Spartans battle it out against the Stevenson University Mustangs in the 2009 men's soccer CAC Championship game. Stay tuned for the most recent updates on today's match.

4:05 PM

The York soccer team showing their appreciation to the fans as they give them a round-of-applause, followed by meeting their fellow Spartan fans at the fence and engaging in celebration. It was a rough game but certainly one that was appealing to the fans.

4:01 PM

York College is your 2009 Capital Athletic Conference men's soccer champions. Congratulations! Final score Spartans 2, Mustangs 1. Post-game ceremony to follow. 

3:56 PM

Wow, I am really regretting ever making that last comment. Stevenson pulls it to one with a goal as #10 Kyle Baker scores for the Mustangs. Three minutes remaining.

3:55 PM

Five minutes until a York College men's CAC soccer championship. Knock on wood.

3:50 PM

#8 Nick Gault gives Stevenson University their sixth yellow card of the match. It is starting to get to the point where I am afraid that a York player is going to get injured. I am just glad that I am in the press box reporting the game. Those boys are sure going to be sore tonight. 

3:41 PM

Brett Sauerberger scores the second goal of the game. Lucas Emil accredited with the assist. The clock continues to tick...16:00 minutes remaining in the game. 

3:35 PM

Travis Williams is yet another victim of a violent Mustang slide tackle. Williams was able to get up on his own power and remain in the game, but not before concerning the Spartan crowd. 

3:26 PM

York's Antonio Bua was able to avoid getting a yellow card in the first half but he was not to fortunate in the second. A rough tackle puts him in the books. 

3:20 PM

The second half has started just like the last one ended, physical and frequent complaining from both sides. Stevenson seems to be creating more chances for themselves on their offensive side of the field. 

3:13 PM

Jon Ports nearly scores the second goal of the game. With the goalie out of position, Ports attempts to head a deflected ball over the keeper but the ball sails wide. 

3:10 PM

Second half action has started up. The biggest question, will both teams be able to keep their composure? 

2:54 PM

After a long and grueling half, the first 45 minutes is in the books. York College 1, Stevenson University 0. 

2:45 PM

Spartan goal by Mike O'Connell as he recorded his tenth goal of the season. The assist dished out by Jon Ports with under ten minutes left in the first half. Ports sends a ball across of the box to a cutting O'Connell who put it home from around the six.

2:41 PM

And to the surprise of absolutely no one, Stevenson has recorded another yellow card. Really, trying to sub on the fly? This is not hockey. That is five yellow cards to the Mustangs compared to zero shots on goal.

2:37 PM

The tension between the two teams have simmered down a little bit, but York continues to put on the heavy pressure. Jon Ports had what appeared to be a break away but was taken down from behind. No call, weird? 14 minutes left in the first half.

2:26 PM

Really, another two yellow cards given out to the Mustangs. I feel like I am watching a wrestling match. York's Antonio Bua got taken down hard around midfield, which caused a scuffle between a few players, eventually resulting in Stevenson's Ryan Brost retaliating with a push that landed him a yellow card. Their head coach was not pleased and well you can guess it, he also received a yellow.

2:18 PM

York is clearly dominating the early minutes as they have kept possession in the Stevenson side of the field for the majority of play. Mustangs continue to play physical as Jon Ports goes down hard, advantage was called. 

2:09 PM

And the Mustangs get a little rough early in the contest as #20 Vinny Caltabiano receives a yellow card and then not even four minutes later #12 Tyler King also gets carded. Solid job by the officiating crew to take control of the game early on.

2:07 PM

York puts on the early pressure as they have the first scoring opportunity of the game on a corner. The ball was placed directly in the middle of the box, but after a short scrum they came up empty. Brief controversy as to whether a York player was taken down in the box but a no call by the refs.

2:03 PM

Both teams just huddled together in an attempt to get pumped up and everyone in attendance seems extremely anxious. The lineups are set, both teams have taken the field, and we are underway.

1:52 PM

We are about five minutes away from the start of today's matc h and it is a beautiful day in York, Pennsylvania. The current temperature is 56 degrees and sunny, the perfect weather for a soccer game.

1:42  PM

The crowd is starting to build up. And we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the March of the Spartans! Students are beginning to line up for the march that will feature York College students decked out in Screamin' Green attire, as they will lead the Spartan fans in chants and cheers.