BLOG: #5 York visits #11 Johns Hopkins

BLOG: #5 York visits #11 Johns Hopkins

Hello everyone! I certainly trust that you are ready for a big night of quality men's soccer action. My name is Brent Duffy and I work in York's sports information office. I will be blogging about tonight's match - obviously with at least some YCP bias - throughout the game. Check back for updates as game-time approaches.

Let's go, York!

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9:26 PM - End of Second Overtime - Final 0-0

Sauerberger won a late corner with just 12 seconds left but the rushed kick went begging.

All-in-all it was a solid contest. Both squads had their fair share of chances and we also saw some good defending and goalkeeping as well.

York's record goes to 11-1-4 while the Blue Jays experience their first draw of the season and stand at 12-2-1. The Spartans return to action on Saturday, October 24, when they take on St. Mary's in an always difficult CAC tilt.

Thanks to everyone who followed the blog this evening. We here in York's sports information office hope that you enjoyed following the action. Have a blessed evening and we hope to see you soon at Graham Field.

Let's go York!

9:23 PM - 108th minute

GREAT save from Hock to keep the Spartans' clean sheet. After JHU free kick, it was sent out to Tony Gass who rifled a strike on York's goal. Hock came up big though with the save which he knocked away for a harmless JHU corner.

9:22 PM - 107th minute

Great combination in the final third for the Spartans but the final ball wasn't there. Gill collects for JHU.

9:19 PM - 104th minute

Another close chance for JHU. Blue Jays were on the doorstep but the rolling shot was not hit hard and Hock picked it up clean.

9:17 PM - 102nd minute

Ports shoots from about 25 yards in front of JHU's goal. However the low shot is block and JHU's Gill picks it up with no problem.

9:12 PM - 100th minute

York corner kick by Ports. O'Connell gets a slight header to it but it sails well wide.

Game moves into the second OT.

Let's go York!

9:06 PM - 96th minute

More danger from JHU. Blue Jays nearly get in on York's defense but the Spartans knock the ball out for a corner. The ensuing kick flew to the back post where is was knocked down by JHU but the Spartans were able to clear.

9:04 PM - 94th minute

JHU corner kick by Max Venker. Draws out Hock as ball flies threw but JHU could not get on the end of it.

8:55 PM - End of Regulation

To overtime we go. Per Jill Olsen (Hopkins' Assistant SID) the Spartans are 0-0-3 in overtime games this season while the Blue Jays are 1-0 (courtesy of an own-goal by Muhlenberg).

We'll see what happens.

Shots as of now are 10-7 in favor of YCP.

8:52 PM - 89th minute

Now the Spartans are playing up a man. JHU's Chris Wilson drew his second yellow card - resulting in a red - after a tough foul on Stromberg.

Let's see if our boys can capitalize on this opportunity.

8:49 PM - 86th minute

Best chance of the night (that I have seen anyway). JHU's Evan Kleinberg got in behind the Spartan defense - via a through ball from Max Venker - and was 1v1 with Hock. Kleinberg slipped it by Hock as it looked like a goal. But the ball clanged off the inside of the left post at such an angle that it kicked across York's goal and away. Left the score at 0-0 - at least for the time being.

8:48 PM - 85th minute

Nuspahic garners corner kick. Kemal then takes it. But JHU GK Gill snatches out of air.

8:39 PM - 78th minute

Not close enough. Mackin played a brilliant deep ball from the right side to the back left post. Cody Pearson got his head on the end of it to knock it back across goal but JHU GK Ravi Gill makes athletic dive to his left to corral the ball.

8:37 PM - 76th minute

Too close. Very, very dangerous Hopkins chance. Max Venker got on the end of a JHU bangoo ball near York's six-yard box. Venker did not get much on it however and Hock collected easily.

8:32 PM - 70th minute

Bua and Mackin in for Suchoski and Nuspahic.

JHU's John Scheuch sends optimistic attempt over Spartan goal from outside the box on the right side.

Still 0-0. No bunkering in here though. Just two good teams taking chances but defending well. Good soccer to say the least.

8:28 PM - 67th minute

Sauerberger into the match for Emil (injury).

Spartans beginning to combine a little better.

Sauerberger over corner. Sent into the box...scrum in front with Scott Becker and Travis Williams around loose ball. Cleared by JHU.

8:24 PM - 64th minute

Emil into the game for O'Connell.

Many of York's chances this half have come from long balls. Would like to see the Spartans combine a little better and get chances that way.

8:22 PM - 62nd minute

Travis Williams with a pretty stepover in the left corner. Then provides a quality serve in the box that pulls out the JHU GK - Ravi Gill. But the ball went through untouched.

8:19 - 59th minute

Both sides going back and forth. Hopkins just had one of their more dangerous sequences but a long ball flew threw.

8:13 PM - 53rd minute

Oh man, so close. O'Connell headed a ball in the box down to Nuspahic at the top of the box. Kemal ripped a sizzler that flew just over the crossbar.

Keep working boys.

8:10 PM - 50th minute

Dangerous chance for Spartans. Adam Good played long free kick service from midfield to inside box on left. Stromberg's header toward goal, although not struck hard, was dangerous as GK came out as defender cleared away.

8:05 PM

Alright, start of the second 45 minutes. We have O'Connell, Nuspahic, Ports, Aaron Good, Adam Good, Gill, Hock, Becker, Stromberg, Suchoski, Williams.

Let's go, York!

7:51 PM

The half comes to a close with the score still tied 0-0. Shots now are 4-4.

York had a great chance late in the half as Aaron Good blasted a free kick from less than 30 yards. The Blue Jays' wall did its job however, deflecting the attempt out for a corner.

Tough game but that was to be expected. Hopefully the second half results in some offensive work for our Spartans.

7:30 PM

Still 0-0 in the 30th minute. Our Spartans have begun pushing the pace a little which bodes well for the Green and White. The quick turf here at Johns Hopkins' Homewood Field seems to be causing some trouble, especially in the final third.

We'll get it figured out though.

7:15 PM

Okay, so I'm a little late. Had to stop for free dinner...and who doesn't love free dinner?!

Anyway, score is 0-0 in the 13th minute. York has had some chances but Hopkins seems to have the better of the play right now. Long way to go.