York College Athletics Mission Statement

Athletic Department Mission Statement

Vision Statement for Fitness, Sports, and Physical Education at York College

Thomas Jefferson taught that “health must not be sacrificed to learning ... a strong body makes the mind strong.” With Jefferson, we at York College believe that education at its best is a holistic process of human development. we envision York College as a place where students grow in academic knowledge while building good character, effective people skills, and established patterns of engagement in physical fitness, health, and wellness activities. At York, competitive sports enliven campus life and build a strong feeling of collegiate spirit among students, alumni, staff, and friends while reinforcing a positive public identity for the institution. Intramural sports provide the vast majority of students with vehicles for practicing teamwork, having fun, and strengthening student organizations. Fitness and personal wellness activities help students build a life-long foundation for health and vigor. In the academic fields of physical education and related curricula, students prepare to engage in and understand fitness, sports, and recreation, including their roles in society.

York College embraces as its vision for fitness, sports, and physical education the Jeffersonian ideal of cultivating students’ physical vigor in support of academic excellence and a full, productive life.

Mission Statement for York College Athletics

It is the mission of intercollegiate sports at York College of Pennsylvania to advance learning, enliven campus life, develop leadership skills, and foster the personal growth and health of the student-athlete through offering a high quality athletics program. The Department of Athletics and Recreation works to provide equitable programs for men and women that develop meaningful standards of scholarship, athletic performance, leadership, community service and sportsmanlike conduct. Through sports we shall seek to contribute to York College’s sense of collegiate identity and positive perception in the community. As a department we shall strive for excellence in the competitive environment in accord with the philosophy, rules, and regulations of NCAA Division III.