York College Facilities

Welcome to the Grumbacher Sport and Fitness Center

York College of Pennsylvania strives to maintain a reputation for exceptional recreational and wellness programs, athletic success and unquestioned academic integrity.  This effort can be visibly noted with the continued positive growth of many campus programs and their respective facilities.  With the advent of the Grumbacher Sport and Fitness Center (GSFC), the college provides opportunities for all students to participate in recreation, athletics, fitness, and personal wellness activities to help build a life-long foundation for health and vigor.  Thomas Jefferson taught that “health must not be sacrificed to learning … a strong body makes the mind strong.”  York College embraces as its vision for fitness, sports, and physical education the Jeffersonian ideal of cultivating students’ physical vigor in support of academic excellence and a full, productive life.

The Grumbacher Sport and Fitness Center serves as a hub of recreational life for the entire student body, offering a site for the development of teamwork and leadership skills.  The GSFC seeks to support the development and well being of members of the York College community and to provide appropriate educational, recreational, athletic programs, and out-of-the-classroom educational employment opportunities.  By welcoming students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community to attend varsity sporting events, the GSFC creates a sense of collegiate spirit.  

The Grumbacher Sport and Fitness Center offers athletic competition in recreational programs (indoor and outdoor), varsity sports, intramurals, club sports, and instructional fitness and wellness programs.  In the academic fields of Physical Education, Recreation & Leisure Administration, and related curricula, students prepare to engage in and understand fitness, sports, and recreation, including their roles in society.  The GSFC offers Sport Management students an ideal setting for the practical application of classroom learning in a variety of leadership positions in Event/Facility Management.  The GSFC also provides a state-of-the-art training facility to support the athletic department with the necessary resources to foster NCAA Division III teams that strive to be consistently competitive in the Capital Athletic Conference and at the national level.



The eastern entrance to the Grumbacher Center

The western entrance to the Grumbacher Center

The pool is home to recreational swimmers, varsity swim teams, & physical education classes, and holds roughly 460,000 gallons of warm 79° water.

The new Charles Wolf Gymnasium is home to basketball, volleyball,  wrestling, and events including orientations & graduation functions 

As the primary strength and conditioning facility on campus, the 7,600 sq. ft. Fitness Center is outfitted with over 100 pieces of state-of-the-art equipment.

The three M&T Bank Field House courts feature regulation lines for 15 various playing areas.  8.8 laps on the three lane indoor jogging track comprise one mile

The Rock Climbing Wall measures 32 x 39 feet, featuring an 800 square foot landing zone. Routes are continuously changing, creating countless ways to the top.