BLOG: Spartans Travel to Salisbury Tonight for Big CAC Tilt

BLOG: Spartans Travel to Salisbury Tonight for Big CAC Tilt

YORK, Pa. - Follow the action as the York College volleyball team takes the road tonight to face Capital Atheltic Conference foe Salisbury in a 7:00 pm tilt. With a win, the Spartans will secure the #2 seed in the upcoming CAC Tournament.

Brent Duffy of the York College athletic communications office will be blogging about the trip and the match during the Spartans' trek to Maryland's Eastern Shore.

A victory over the Sea Gulls will ensure that the Green and White will receive a first-round bye in the conference postseason tournament and will host their semifinal match on November 4.

In addition to Duffy's blog (which can be found below), live stats will also be available (courtesy of Salisbury's sports information office) by clicking on the link below.


9:30 - 43rd Entry

And that's that. Salisbury wins game five 15-12 and the match 3-2. Great fight from the Spartans I must say but they fall just short.

Very proud of the ladies for showing incredible fight after starting down 2-0.

With the win Salisbury secures the #3 seed in the upcoming CAC Tournament while the Spartans fall to the fifth seed and now must hit the road next Tuesday as they travel to St. Mary's for the first round.

Tough loss for the Spartans as they now fall to 25-5 on the season and a tough 5-3 in the conference.

Now the Green and White are going to have to be road warriors and take the championship that way! But no matter, from what I saw the Spartans can definitely do it.

Make sure to check back to later tonight for the complete match recap as well as the boxscore.

Thank you very much for following this evening!

As always...Let's go, York!!

9:25 - 42nd Entry

Another timeout from Coach DuMars as York is now down 14-12.

The Spartans posted a tremendous dig early in that point as the pancake dig kept it off the floor for a time. Keep working York - you never know!!

9:23 - 41st Entry

York calls a timeout as Salisbury has a slight edge in momentum at 12-11. But remember, the Spartans have been down before and successfully come back on two occasions. Now we just have to wait and see if it turns into a third time for the Green and White!

Some words of wisdom/encouragement from Coach DuMars and away we go!

9:20 - 40th Entry

Big Spartan block, I think from Waltermyer, brings the score level at 10-10. I know I am definitely feeling the pressure!

Salisbury regains the lead though 11-10

9:17 - 39th Entry

Salisbury leads 8-7 as the squads switch sides. York's early advantage falls to the wayside as the Sea Gulls go on a 7-3 run.

9:13 - 38th Entry

A crazy start to the fifth set! The Spartans are up 4-1 and have been the beneficiaries of a couple of communication errors by the Salisbury side.

A long and competitive rally just ended with the ball dropping to the Salisbury side of the floor because of one of those communication errors.

York needs to capitalize on that and keep it rolling!

9:08 - 37th Entry

YES #2!!!!!! The Spartans, with a great defensive effort at the end of the game, snag the 25-23 win! The match is now tied 2-2 after the York side was down 2-0.

What a comeback for the Spartans. Great digs towad the end by Rineman and Julie Coombs allowed the Green and White to keep playing.

Now the scary part is that the fifth game only goes to 15 (not a fan of that rule by the way, but that is a rant for another time - we have some great volleyball here going on right now!). With that said the Green and White need to start off well as an early hole could result in a quick loss.

But either way, kudos to the Spartan squad for showing an incredible fight! But how much better would it feel on that ride home to take the 3-2 triumph!!!!

Let's go York!!!!!!!!!

9:05 - 36th Entry

Arguably the best player in the CAC just made a best-player-in-the-conference type of play! Down 23-22, Salisbury put a ball in the short corner near the scorer's table. However, Ashley Rineman came out of nowhere to keep it alive allowing the Spartans to eventually win the point. Huge!

9:02 - 35th Entry

Spartans call their second and final timeout of the fourth game. Salisbury gains the lead and stretches it to 23-21.

But just as in the game before, you have to get to 25 (and maybe beyond) to take the victory. Just stay alive Spartans. Just stay alive.

8:59 - 34th Entry

York did get to 20 first but a Sea Gull kill and a block knots the score at 20 again. Both squads are working hard.

8:58 - 33rd Entry

And tie it they did. York quickly came back and tied it up at 18-18. A Salisbury error however aids the Green and White's efforts as they now own a 19-18 lead.

Cortni Rentzel on the service looking to get York to that 20-point mark.

8:55 - 32nd Entry

Spartans call a timeout as Salisbury leads 18-16. A long rally around 15-15 went Salisbury's way and that could have sparked this lead for the home squad.

This T.O. though should calm the ladies down though as they looked to quickly bring the score level again.

8:50 - 31st Entry

What a great game this is! Tied at 13-13 as both teams are playing well. Back and forth and back and forth. This looks like it's going to be a tight one all the way.

York actually just took the lead at 14-13 on a Salisbury error.

8:44 - 30th Entry

Best start of the night for the Spartans. Game is tied at 8-8 but the Green and White are looking much better than each of their starts in the previous three games.

8:38 - 29th Entry

Great play from York's Heather Bucher to start game four. After a set proved too tall for Waltermyer (hard to believe, I know) Bucher came sliding in and bumped the ball from right near the net over to Salisbury's side. York won the point shortly after! That play from Bucher won't show up in any box score but that was an incredible play!

8:34 - 28th Entry


York snags game three - 27-25!!! Great battle for the Spartans during that set.

Looked much better simply in their energy and passion. Now we have a game win under our belt and hopefully some confidence that goes along with that!

Now we have to take that energy from game three and move it to game four. Keep working ladies!

8:27 - 27th Entry

Huge block for the Spartans to make it 22-21 York! Salisbury tried for a kill on the far side but York's double block sent it back, falling just short of the back line!

8:24 - 26th Entry

Salisbury now up 20-17 after a run. Coach DuMars calls a timeout to try to settle her ladies down.

Need to make sure these next few points are spot on. Can't afford any mistakes now.

C'mon YORK!!!!!!!

8:20 - 25th Entry

Coach DuMars with a little "Keep working girls!" from the sidelines.

To no avail however as Salisbury scores the point. York now up 15-14.

8:16 - 24th Entry

That's what I like to see!! More points on the York side than the Salisbury side! The Spartans are now up 13-11!

Salisbury calls a timeout. York now looking much better and much more excited.

Keep moving fast and keep being aggressive.

8:14 - 23rd Entry

Spartans took a quick 10-9 lead but Salisbury brings it level once more at 10-10. Now 11-10 on a Sea Gull kill.

York had an opportunity there but Salisbury seized it right back.

8:11 - 22nd Entry

Spartans down 9-7. Not much different to report. York is battling but Salisbury just looks sharper.

8:07 - 21st Entry

Finally!! Alysse Beshore gets involved and grabs a kill. Have to start feeding her the ball!!! York down 4-3 but off to a better start than last game.

8:00 - 20th Entry

No magic here. York pushes it into extra points but to no avail. Fall 27-25.

I must say though, the Spartans had a much better showing at the end of the set game. Sure they lost that one, but they began to look much better than they have all game.

Salisbury is up 2-0, but from what I saw from the ladies at the end there...this match could be far from over!

Either way though, they NEED to get off to a good start this game. Cannot let Salisbury get out to the lead they did in that second set.

Let's go York!!!!!

7:57 - 19th Entry

Ok. Maybe we have something special brewing. York wins the last three points as they are only down by two at 23-21.

Keep it rolling...let's snag this second game. Put some pressure on our hosts here!

7:55 - 18th Entry

Can't explain it. Salisbury just seems to be the sharper squad on this day.

Coach DuMars calls a timeout as Salisbury leads 23-18.

York is so much better than the way they are playing right now. Don't really know what it is.

But that's why they play to 25 points and the best of three games though.

C'mon York. Let's do something special here!

7:51- 17th Entry

Ashley Rineman trying to rally the troops as York is down 19-15.

And it works for a time as Alishia Waltermyer tallies a big kill in the corner. Salisbury leads 19-16.

7:48 - 16th Entry

Much thanks to the parents and fans that made the trip to Salisbury!

Salisbury now up 17-12. York is looking just a little off and the Sea Gulls are looking very on.

A kill from Salisbury's #6 causes Coach DuMars to call timeout. The Spartans just need to settle down. They look tight and tentative. Attack, ladies!!! Attack!!!

7:46 - 15th Entry

Salisbury has a couple of left-handed hitters that are causing some trouble for York. Still want to see some more action from Alysse Beshore as she has been a little quiet so far this match. Salisbury up 13-12.

7:43 - 14th Entry

Salisbury calls a timeout after York brings the score to within one at 11-10. Nice way to work back from York. Salisbury still seems to be the aggressor but if the Spartans can just get ahead and gain some confidence, that would be huge!

7:42 - 13th Entry

I must say, I am a York fan through and through but Salisbury is pretty good. York is a beneficiary of a close call but give it right back with their second straight service error. Salisbury up 11-8.

7:39 - 12th Entry

Alot of defense in game number two. Both squads are throwing up blocks. Salisbury leads 8-5.

7:35 - 11th Entry

Set two is not starting out too well for the Green and White. The Spartans look a little tentative; not aggressively attacking. Another unfortunate error for York drops them back to 3-0 down.

7:31 - Tenth Entry

Game one goes to the Sea Gulls 25-20. That stinks.

Salisbury just looked a little smoother, a little more comfortable and aggressive in that first set. Furthermore, the Spartans committed just too many errors. But I do believe if York is able to clean up those mistakes they could easily snag this second set.

Set number two is about to get underway. With York's veteran leaders they should be able to quickly make up for dropping that first game.

Let's go York!

7:27 - Ninth Entry

Spartans go on a nice two-point run to bring the score to 23-20 Salisbury. Coach Knight calls SU's first T.O. of the game.

Can't let Salisbury get to that 24th point. Keep the pressure on Spartans!

7:26 - Eighth Entry

Salisbury now has their largest lead of the game at 23-18. The Sea Gulls just look a little more comfortable and York seems a bit out of sorts.

7:24 - Seventh Entry

Salisbury up 20-17. Spartans have had a couple of errors that have cost them in the last few points. Can't have that when you in what is going to be a tight match anyway.

Coach DuMars just called the first timeout of the game. Hopefully she'll be able to settle the ladies down a little bit and get back to playing good Spartan volleyball.

Let's see how it works out.

7:21 - Sixth Entry

Now tied at 17-17. Amazing how fast this game has been. Guess that's what happens when you have two very good teams.

7:16 PM - Fifth Entry

Spartans now down just one at 11-10 just about midway through the first game. So much passion here. Neither side has had a real advantage. Both seem very evenly matched. We could easily see a five-setter here tonight.

7:10 PM - Fourth Entry

We are just seven points in (SU leads 4-3) and you can already fell the energy in this place! I am on the floor courtside and there is a lot of action going on! Very fast paced.

7:01 PM - Third Entry

Just about to get going! The warmups are done, the National Anthem has been played, and we are just about finished Salisbury's senior day festivities. (Of note: The Salisbury staff had a very nice gesture of also honoring York's three seniors - Alysse Beshore, Jana Arentz, and Alishia Waltermyer - prior to the match with a nice reading and a white flower. Very nice Salisbury. Thank you!)

Not let's beat 'em!!!!!!!

Let's go York!

6:02 PM - Second Entry

Well we are officially in the Salisbury gym. Pretty hot in here but they have some fans going so I'm sure the temperature will drop.

The Spartans are off to my left in a circle seeming to just relax. The Salisbury squad is off to my right pretty much doing the same stuff. (Must be a volleyball thing.)

Special thanks to the Salisbury sports information director Tim Brennan and the SU athletics staff! They have provided me with a courtside seat, electrical power, and internet! Thanks guys!

And of course a very special thank you to Coach DuMars for the turkey sandwich (on a pretzel roll - YEAH!) and the gatorade (that I'll probably enjoy on the way back to York. (Goint to need to replenish the fluids after an intense match!)

So right now we are just in a waiting period about 55 minutes before the game. Don't forget about the live stats that will be provided during the match.

Let's go, York!

4:21 PM - First Entry

Hello out there Spartan fans! This is Brent Duffy here and I'll be blogging about tonight's volleyball action at Salisbury!

We are currently on the bus now approximately an hour or so outside of Salisbury University. This is my first trip with the volleyball squad and I must say that this may be the quietest bus I have ever been on! Most of the ladies have their iPods on or catching up on some sleep. Hopefully they'll be rested and ready to go for tonight's big match!

Keep checking back throughout the evening for updates on how the Green and White are playing.

Let's go, York!