York (Pa.) Tennis
Meredith vs York (Pa.) (Mar 1, 2009)

Meredith 7, York (Pa.) 0
Mar 1, 2009 at Hilton Head, SC

Singles competition
1. Morgan Martin (MERE) def. Katelyn Acker (YCP) 8-6
2. Kathryn Maples (MERE) def. Paige Doutrich (YCP) 8-6
3. Amanda Bitler (MERE) def. Keturah Buchanan (YCP) 8-4
5. Caitlin Dillon (MERE) def. Megan Logan (YCP) 8-6

Doubles competition
1. Kathryn Maples/Morgan Martin (MERE) def. Katelyn Acker/Paige Doutrich (YCP) 8-1
2. Brooke Baird/Ashley Pearsall (MERE) def. Keturah Buchanan/Heidi Acker (YCP) 8-6
3. Amanda Bitler/Molly Parks (MERE) def. Stephanie Nelson/Caralyn Caruso (YCP) 8-4

Match Notes
Meredith 3-0; Regional ranking #13
York (Pa.) 0-1
Match contested in Hilton Head, SC
Matches were played as pro sets during to weather and darkness
Fourth and Sixth singles matches were not played due to rain and darkness
Meredith ranked #13 in the ITA D-III Women's Atlantic South rankings
T-3:00 A-25

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