Goucher Track and Field Classic Meet Schedule



10:00 AM       Hammer (Women followed by Men)

                        Javelin    (Men followed by Women)


10:30 AM       Long Jump (Women Followed by Men)

                        Triple Jump (Men followed by Women)


10:30 AM       Pole Vault (Men followed by Women)


11:30 AM*     High Jump (Men followed by Women)


12:00 PM*      Women's Shot Put

                        Men's Discus

  • Shot and Discus will switch when both groups have completed finals.


RUNNING EVENTS: (Women's races will be conducted first.)

11:00 AM       10,000 Meter Run (combined men and women)              


12:00 PM        100 Meter Dash trials (if needed)

12:15 PM        100/110 Hurdle Trials (if needed)

12:30 PM        3,000 Meter Steeplechase

1:00 PM          400 Meter Relay

1:10 PM          1500 Meter Run

1:25 PM          100/110 Meter Hurdle Finals

1:35 PM          400 Meter Run

1:45 PM          100 Meter Finals

1:55 PM          800 Meter Run

2:10 PM          400 Meter Hurdles

2:30 PM          200 Meter Run

2:45 PM          3000 Meter Run

3:15 PM          5000 Meter Run

4:00 PM          1600 Meter Relay

Awards Presentation -

(time schedule is tentative and can be changed based on entry information)

(time schedule could run ahead - all calls will be announced)               


*          Time are approximate based on the conclusion on other events