Spartan Feature: Duffy Trades Spikes for a Computer

Spartan Feature: Duffy Trades Spikes for a Computer

An unfortunate plight of many college students after graduation is getting a first job with no relation to their degree which in turn is uneventful and more of a hassle than anything else. For Brent Duffy, a recent York College graduate, the opposite is true. He enjoys waking up every morning and utilizing his degree.
“It is a great and rewarding feeling waking up and wanting to go to work. I feel very blessed that I get to go to work everyday and enjoy what I am doing.”

Duffy, a former York College Spartan men’s soccer goalkeeper has found his place in the sport industry at his alma mater. A 2007 graduate of York, Duffy received his bachelor’s degree in Sport Management with a concentration in Athletic Administration. The former Spartan is currently working in York’s Sports Information Office under the direction of Scott Guise.

“The transition from athlete to intern was much easier by previously knowing Scott and the rest of the coaching and athletic staff. They all welcomed me as a member of their athletic family and I enjoy working with each and every one of them. ”

Following his graduation from college, Duffy only applied for one job. He had heard that there would be a position opening at York College under the Sports Information Director as a part-time intern. Duffy felt with his education in the sport industry along with his love for athletics, this position was meant for him. He applied and waited patiently to hear the good news.

Signing on with York College of Pennsylvania as a member of their staff came with its own level of challenges. Already being familiar with soccer, Duffy needed to learn and become highly familiar with all 20 sports programs offered at York. He took this as a challenge and learning experience. He enjoyed learning the intricacies of the other sports, and specifically, their statistical applications.

A typical day at work for Duffy consists of a variety of different tasks. At the start of the day he and Guise compile all of the jobs that need to be completed for the day. These usually consist of a few press releases of important and interesting events occurring in the athletic department. Duffy then moves into working on a selection of media guides for the different Spartan sport teams. If there is an event scheduled for an afternoon at the school, Duffy will write up a game preview and then head out to the field or the court for the game. Duffy has been responsible for running the Stat Crew statistical programs for men's and women's soccer, men's lacrosse, and women's lacrosse while he assisted Guise with basketball.

“Brent is an amazing asset to the Sports Information office. His knowledge and skills are always evolving and I am constantly impressed by his strong desire to learn and do more. He has such a strong work ethic and his desire to be the best he can be is impressive. Brent possesses the ability to switch gears quickly from one task to the next while never skipping a beat,” states York’s 13-year SID.

Duffy’s contributions have allowed the Sports Information office to continue its evolution.
“I am able to focus on some of the things we didn’t have time for previously,” says Guise. “None of that was possible before, but with Brent taking on some of the daily duties, I am able to plan and accomplish more long-term projects. These are projects that will continue to enhance our athletic department’s visibility in our community as well as on the York College campus.”
Duffy calls Elkton, Maryland home, but currently lives on the York College Campus as he works in the SID office. He has recently proposed to long-time girlfriend, Natalie Gottshall, and the two will be married in mid-July of this year.
“It is exciting to be experiencing all these things. I am marrying a wonderful woman and I have the best job anyone can ask for. God has given me these opportunities, experiences, and gifts and for that I am incredibly grateful.”

Written by Jessica Pezzolla
Sports Information Student Intern