Nick Brady Blog #7 - March 23, 2011

Nick Brady Blog #7 - March 23, 2011

Editors Note: The York College Athletic Communications office wants to thank Nick Brady for sending us his blogs during his time in Iceland. It has been a joy to get to follow Nick and Amanda during their time overseas.

It is pretty insane when I think that in less then two weeks I will be back home in Hanover, PA. It feels like just yesterday that Amanda and I were arriving in Iceland, and now, we are both already packed and ready to go back from where we came.

We are both very excited to get home. We are looking forward to seeing our family and friends and just getting back to the routines that we have been used to for the first 23 years of our lives. However, it will not be easy to leave this place. It has been a remarkable journey.

It has been an unbelievable experience on many counts. First, living in a completely different country and culture is rewarding beyond words. It not only makes you respect the beliefs, customs, and differences of this new country, but it also makes you remember and respect where you came from. It is a humbling experience. 

The people that we met in Iceland have helped make this experience unbelievably rewarding. The way that they accepted Amanda and I into their country and helped us adapt was awesome. Their kindness and hospitality in Iceland is something that is unmatched in anywhere I have ever been. Our teammates, our players we coach, parents, everyone, has had a hand in making the moment we leave a bittersweet one. They are people that will surely be missed, and surely never forgotten.

Playing basketball in a different country was an unbelievable experience. There are new opponents to be played, and new adversities to overcome. This season pushed both Amanda and I to not only improve as individual players, but also as being teammates. The season was successful on several counts for both of us. We both enjoyed individual success, while our teams also enjoyed success in both the regular season and post-season. Amanda's team won the regular season crown, and begins their best of three game series for the playoff championship in several days. They actually have to do it without Amanda though who has been injured and deemed inactive for the past three weeks. Originally it was believed to be a torn meniscus in both knees. But 100% diagnosis is still pending an MRI upon our arrival back. She has kind of inserted herself as the head scout since then. She watches the video footage of other teams, takes notes and delivers the scouting reports to her teammates. A prime example of her growth as a teammate.

My team managed to make it into the semi-finals of the playoffs, but could not advance from there. We ran into a team that was simply to big on the inside, and in our final game our starting center was out due to the flu. 

Amanda and I agree that whether win or lose, and no matter what round it be in, the experience of playing professional basketball in a different country is something that is unparalleled by anything that we have done. It is a decision that has broadened our horizons on every level. Socially, athletically, and intellectually, we will never be the same. 

We would like to thank Amanda's parents and my father, who have been extremely supportive in our decision to chase our dreams. Not every parent would be okay with their child living across the ocean, 3,000 miles away. But their encouragement and the way they have prepared us for the next phase in life is what helped us flourish in this opportunity. For that we thank them tremendously! We also want to thank everyone that has sent Amanda and I cards and care packages since our arrival here. It really helped us get by on the days that we missed family and friends the most.

I remember when someone asked me what I wanted to get out of this experience. And my true answer was that I want to come back a better person then when I left. I can speak for both Amanda and myself when I say that the last 6 1/2 months have done just that for both of us. But when you go to a beautiful country like Iceland, and live amongst their hospitable population, playing the game you love, it is tough to not come back a brighter and more open person. This has been an experience that will be extremely hard to top. No wonder that leaving is so bittersweet.