Nick Brady Blog #3 - October 25, 2010

Nick Brady Blog #3 - October 25, 2010

It is hard to believe that we have already been here for more then a month. It feels like just yesterday that we got off of our plane and struggled just to figure out where to get our bags at the Keflavik airport.  I guess that is what being busy will do. It really makes you wonder where the time has gone.

Busy would be an understatement for our past week, and upcoming weeks as well. This past Tuesday, I attempted to raise my coaching record to 3-0, but we just fell short. We fell behind by 16 early, and never fully recovered. We cut the lead to one for a while but could not get over the hump as we lost 83-72. The team we played was a good team, but I still feel we should have won. However, I cannot be very disappointed really because my guys fought with all they had to get back into it. They showed real grit and moxie, and that is why even though we lost, we still partly got a win. They just continue to prove to me how bad they want to win. What more can a coach ask for?

My team, Breidablik, found out Monday that in the league projections done by our league office, we were picked as the pre-season champions of the league. That is great, but also that places a lot of expectations and pressure on us. We also found out tonight that no one is going to just lie down and give us the title. We played a talented team tonight and were upset 85-70. I tallied 21 points and 12 rebounds, but I still am struggling to find consistency with my shot. Coach has been telling me that I am putting to much pressure on myself. I am becoming a little streaky right now, and that is not always a good thing.  We got down as much as 17 early, but we did fight back, and had the lead cut to five at one point. Despite the loss, it is good in the long run to experience some adversity. It is a way for us to realize that teams are too good over here to come out slow. Coming out slow hurt us immensely in the loss. But my team is a driven one and one who will work hard to not let this happen again. Our coach and players are extremely passionate. We will bounce back quickly I am sure.

I was offered a try out with the "Washington Green Hawks" on Wednesday. They are a team who was a part of the ABA, and PBL originally, and now is a member of the Atlantic Coast Professional Basketball League (ACPBL). Byron Mouton, former NCAA Champion from the Maryland Terrapins is a member of this team. I thanked them for the offer but had to turn it down. I really like it here in Iceland. I like the people, my coach, my teammates, and the country. But mostly, I want to finish what we set as our end goal. Winning a championship for Breidablik.

Amanda also had a game his week, she faired better then we did. They ran their record to 2-0, and Amanda played a very good all around game. She chipped in with six rebounds and five assists to go along with 15 ponts. Their team is coached by a former American player who came to Iceland to play years ago. She has developed a good relationship with him, and with the rest of her teammates.

Last Friday, we were invited over to a board members house for dinner. It was fantastic with lobster and mojito's. Also, they had "No-jitos (Non-Alcoholic)" for their children. Everyone here has been so helpful, and so supportive of us. They are the main reason that our transition here has been as smooth as it has been.

Amanda went to three different schools this week and met with their principals. She is trying to get involved in schools as a teacher's aid, teaching English, or recording observation hours.

But we need to cut this off because we both have big weekends ahead of us. Amanda is coaching her first game on Saturday, and again on Sunday. I am traveling five hours tomorrow morning, leaving at 6:45 AM, to coach a tournament all weekend. That is 2:45 AM your time.

Good luck to our Men's and Lady Spartans as they begin the new season this week. You now have fans all around the globe.