Athletic Communications Blog #1 - August 22, 2011

Athletic Communications Blog #1 - August 22, 2011

My name is Scott Guise and I am the Director of Athletic Communications at York College. I want to welcome you to the new home for York College Athletics. We are very proud of the redesign and hope that this site provides you with all the information you could ever want or need when it comes to Spartan Athletics.

As a part of this new website, we will be posting blogs written by various student-athletes, coaches and administrators during the year. I will be writing a monthly blog during course of the academic year. My hope is to give the readers an inside look at York College athletics and what makes York such a special place. We have many interesting stories and I hope to share those with you throughout the year, both in the blog and on the website.

Take time to cruise around the site and see what it has to offer. We will be adding new features during the year so please check back frequently to keep up with your favorite Spartan program. And now, on to my first blog for 2011-12.

One question I get during the summer is…. Do you work during the summer? The answer is a simple yes. The athletic department still functions during the summer months, it is just at a far different pace than during the hustle and bustle of the academic year. Summertime means leaving work at 5:00 each day and not having to worry about working weekends, which is a nice departure from what we all experience during the school year.

In Athletic Communications, there are three distinct segments to the summer. The first segment is to clean up from the previous year. File all the documents that need to be filed. Make sure the statistics are complete and updated on all the PCs we use for statistics. We also make sure the website is archived from the previous season.  The first segment is also when our annual ECAC-SIDA meeting is held. This conference is one of the greatest resources we have for professional development. It allows us to share ideas with fellow professionals while it also allows us to take good, hard look at how effectively we promote York College athletics through traditional and new-age social media. This conference is one of the most beneficial things we due during the summer.

The second segment usually consists of working ahead. We sort photos for future use in institutional publications, clean and organize files, put schedules on the web for the upcoming year and start updating biographies of student-athletes on line. This is usually the smallest segment of the summer because it traditionally occurs in July around various vacations and trips.

The third segment is preparing for the upcoming year. Getting rosters ready, putting schedules on the NCAA site as well as other specialty websites, preparing schedules for video broadcasts, and other various items that are associated with the start of the fall campaign. We know the school year is quickly approaching once we begin doing these things in the office.

Of course, all of that was thrown out of whack this year as we designed, developed and rolled out, with the help of our partners Presto Sports, the new website. It has been a labor of love and the reception so far has been extremely positive.  Also throwing things a little off track this summer was the move of the Athletic Communication offices. As you may know, we had some staff changes in late spring and early summer. Part of those changes meant some office shuffling and we were apart of that. It’s amazing how many things you can accumulate during a five-year stretch. We kept the garbage man busy during the few days it took us to move but we are all settled in and ready to begin a new year.

This year is exciting on many fronts. We have some very good returning players while the coaches feel their recruiting classes are outstanding. This is an exciting combination that will hopefully lead to some Capital Athletic Conference championships and a few NCAA Tournament appearances. Of course that potential doesn’t mean anything until the Spartans take the field and we get to see our fine student-athletes perform on the court and fields of play.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I hope you will find entries entertaining and fun and I look forward to seeing you at some Spartan home games throughout the year.