Hello out there SpartaNation! In the Spartans' latest installment of blogs, junior first baseman CT Stanley will be sharing his thoughts throughout the 2010 baseball campaign. Check back during the season for updates!

June 3, 2010

Hello everyone, I hope your summers are going well. Before I go any further I want to take a minute to thank all of our seniors. It was a pleasure going to war with you for the last three years. I want to thank you all for showing me how to be a Spartan. I will do my best to pay it forward. I also want to congratulate Jason (Christenberry) for being named not only pitcher of the year for the South Region but also All-American! Before arriving at York I made a list of career goals, being an All-American was one of them. But I had no idea what that looked like (other than having great stats). Thanks Jason for showing me what it takes. I also want to congratulate Mike (Connolly) and Rick (Shumway) for being named to the All-Region team, and to Jim (Meehan) for his Gold Glove honor.

I am really not at all ready to be done the season, even though we have been done for almost two weeks. My goal for this team was to make some noise on a national level. We (as you can see by the above accolades) definitely had the team to do it. After our poor two-and-out performance I was very upset. This meant that we once again fell short of our attainable goals.

It is hard for me to come up with things to say when I know we had the team to be playing in the College World Series and I am sitting at home looking at my computer and checking scores of the games. That shouldn’t be the case.

After the long bus ride home coach spoke to us about the season. He said how it was tough for us to end on that note; however he was proud of us for turning our season around the way we did. He did his best to make the negative situation positive by saying, “That we have no idea what making it to regionals means for our program and school”. For us as players all it means is that we were one of 54 teams on the back of a shirt, which at the time seems special.
You want to do something really special? How about making it on the back of a shirt with only eight teams on it? Or better yet, being the one team at the end of the season that is holding the trophy over their heads while 353 other teams sit at home checking their computer for scores. How does that sound?  How is that for doing something for our programs and school? The cool thing is that we don’t have to day dream, it CAN be a reality. We have the players to do it and the leadership to take it to that level. We just need to realize why we are here, that is to be educated and to play baseball. Let’s be more then our best at both. Let’s be champions!

To my present and future teammates, “Don’t waste your summer, work to be a champion!”

Until next season

Proud Spartan,

CT Stanley #13

Quote for the Summer: “It’s not just a day dream if you decide to make it your life.”

May 15, 2010

Hey all! I hope everyone is doing well as summer is rolling down the bend. I know I told you that I would not wait as long between blogs, but after we got back from our trip to North Carolina I had a lot of school work followed by exam week. Now that all that craziness is over I am able to get to you.

Last time we spoke I was sitting in a Fairfield Inn in Fayetteville, North Carolina. It was a few hours before the first game and all I could think about was sitting back and driving the ball up the middle. Coach had worked with Rick and I before practice the day before, considering we were both struggling in the games leading up to the trip and we needed to get back to basics.  With this fresh in my mind, it was all I could think about during the bus ride to the game. With iPods blasting as we pulled up to the field, we stepped off the bus into the North Carolina heat and we all suddenly realized that we were not in Pennsylvania anymore.

With the heat and the pressures of end of school projects breathing down our necks, we pushed all of that aside to play the next four games like there was no tomorrow. We ran, we hit, we pitched, we capitalized on the other team’s mistakes, we made mistakes but we minimized the damage. For every punch we took we delivered two or three. It was truly Spartan baseball to a tee and I was extremely proud to be a part of it. Not only was the trip great in a baseball sense, but we all became closer as we grew together both on the field and off it in that short four-game stint. (Part of me believes it’s because the continuous and harmonious, I might add, shouting to Nic Long to hit the next episode of “Entourage” as we watched two plus seasons on the ride back)

As good as that weekend felt we still had to finish our season with two games at home vs. Ferrum. Where we unfortunately took a few steps back, losing both. With the losses we dropped one spot in the region to 4th. Now we have to wait until “Selection Sunday” (This Sunday the 16th) to see if we are going to regionals. We will be practicing these next few days, and preparing for the regionals. They way we look at it is that we are going until they tell us otherwise. There is nothing better than being done with school and focusing all your energy on baseball, while being with your best friends.

With exams finishing and school ending it just made me think of my freshman year midway through the season. I had a meeting with coach and I remember him telling me how fast my four years would go by. I believe his exact words were “before you know it you’re going to be a senior”. Well here I am, staring my senior year right in the eyes and I'll tell you what, it happen before I knew it.

Take care! I hope to get back to you with some great news!

Proud Spartan,

CT Stanley #13

Quote of the Week: “Make the most of every opportunity”

May 1, 2010

Spartan Nation! I hope things are going well for you all.

For those of you have who haven’t been able to follow us over the past week, we have picked up the pace as we are winners of our last six games. We were able to redeem a few loses from last year, taking two from Christopher Newport and one from Montclair. Those wins were especially nice because they were on our home field.

During our current streak there have been a few games where we did not play the best baseball, but we still came out with the win. I think this shows how much we have grown together as a team, and how tough we can be. Even though we might not have our “A game” we have found a way to come out on top. We need to keep up this mentality and this toughness as we still have six games remaining on our regular season schedule. The better we play the closer we get to regionals, where I believe we could make some noise!

After seven hours on the bus, four states, three movies, and one quick pit stop in Virginia (which is said to be “the lover’s state” judging by the t-shirts they had for sale…who knew?) we arrived in Fayetteville, North Carolina for a weekend series vs. Piedmont, and Methodist. The bus ride was pretty tough but luckily we watched some good movies (Coming to America, Trading Places, and The Goods) that made the time go a little faster with some laughs. After a good night sleep and the standard complementary breakfast (thank you Fairfield Inn) we open up our weekend today vs. Piedmont. The guys all seemed relieved to get away from high stress school environment as finals are coming up quick. We are ready to take advantage of this beautiful weather and extend our streak!
I’ll get back to you guys after the weekend!
Proud Spartan,
CT Stanley #13
Quote of the Week: “Baseball is ninety percent mental, the other half is physical” – Yogi Berra

April 20, 2010

As I am sure a lot of you know already we lost and were out of the conference tournament on Saturday, in an extra inning affair against Wesley. It was an entire team effort, but we just couldn’t pull through. It was a heart breaking loss, and to watch Wesley celebrate right in front of us just poured salt on the wound. We definitely felt the agony of defeat.

After a tough loss like that it’s hard not to think what we could have done better to win the game. But the bottom line is that the game is over and we have to put it behind us. If there is one thing we can take from that game, it’s that feeling we had when the winning run scored. That terrible, awful feeling in your stomach; we don’t want to feel that again. A lot of schools are going to get knocked out of their conference tournaments this year just like we did. It is a test of our character and our heart to see how we are going to bounce back. Are we going to stand in the ring and pull our hands down and take the knock out punch, or are we going to stand in there and fight for what is ours? I think we all know the answer to that. WE ARE SPARTANS, WE FIGHT!

At the end of the year when school is over and most teams are packed and headed for home, there is going to be 54 teams still playing. Of those 54 teams only ONE can call themselves a national champion and hoist the trophy over their heads. The difference between that ONE team and the 53 others is; that ONE team has HEART. For every team the season is filled with highs and lows, its how you react to the lows that defines you.

Make sure you follow us this week!

Proud Spartan,

CT Stanley #13

Quote of the Week: “There is no such thing as a Half-Hearted Champion”

April 13, 2010

Hello Spartan Nation! Sorry about the delay in blogs. I have had a lot of work both on and off the field that needed to be completed before I had the privilege of getting to you. For those of you who may be calling my bluff, may I remind you that I am a student-athlete.

Let’s get to business. We have been pretty busy since the last time we spoke. We ripped off 11 straight wins, only for our streak to be snapped by conference rival Salisbury in a pitchers’ duel. (Just FYI…the reason I did not write a blog, was because of the streak, you know us baseball players and our superstitions.) During our streak we seemed to right our ship, which couldn’t have come at a better time really. We kick off the conference tournament tomorrow at 3:30 vs. Mary Washington, RED hot and ready to go!

These past two weeks have been a lot of fun; I mean who doesn’t like winning? Everything seems to be clicking as we started to hit our stride together as a team. Our offense exploded, from 1-to-9 we are all becoming tough outs. It’s a beautiful thing to see teammates pick each other up if they didn’t get the job done, and that’s a big reason why we ripped off 11 straight. Another reason for our streak was not only TOUGH pitching, but our back-to-back CAC players of the week. Rick “no but seriously I’ll be 24 in September” Shumway and Joe “CheeseBurger” Doyle. Both caught on fire, and got other hitters in the mix as their hitting got contagious and we all got infected! Rick started our streak with a six-hit performance vs. Gallaudet which included hitting for the cycle. On the tail end of our streak Joe led us to a series win over Salisbury with three homeruns cementing us as the #2 seed in the conference tournament. Great job, guys! Stay hot will ya?!! So many good things are happening on the field I don’t have the time nor the space to mention them all. (Mr. Duffy in sports information only allots one page for the blog. I don’t mean to throw you under the Bailey Coach, Mr. Duffy)

We are all very excited about the tournament tomorrow. At today’s practice there was a great atmosphere. Its something I have not felt in my past two seasons, because of that I myself am very excited. But we have to remember what our goal was when we started this season, and not let anything get in the way. That was to win the CAC and get back to regionals. Or, just like Coach Saikia always says, all that hard work in the fall and 5:00 a.m. practices in the spring will be for nothing.


Proud Spartan,

CT Stanley #13

Quote of the week: “Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his GOAL”

P.S - I promise not to wait so long in between blogs…Sorry!

March 30, 2010

Hello Spartan Nation! I hope you are all doing well. For those who were not able to follow us last week, we are winners of our last four games. Without jinxing us, (knock on wood) things are starting to come together a little bit.

After last weekend’s loss in the nightcap of the double header to Stevenson it was evident that we had a lot to work on. Losing always leaves a bad taste in your mouth, one that we had to deal with for the next three days. After a day off we came back rested and ready to get back after it. We had two good practices that primed us for our Wednesday contest at St. Mary’s College. After a long bus ride and a quick stretch we came out with a vengeance scoring 19 runs to the Seahawks two. Joey Couch seemed to be the medicine to our pitching ailments, as Rob Klinck set the tone on offense. Facing a long drive home we were all pleased to see Anchorman (not Anchorlady) pop up on the TVs to make the time go faster.

We were back in action Saturday as we hosted St. Mary’s in a double header to finish out our season series. In game one we got down 1-0, but that deficit was quickly erased as Jim Meehan went yahtzee over the left field fence giving us not only the lead but the momentum we needed to finish the game with a strong 6-2 victory.

Game two was a little more exciting as we let the Seahawks offense hang around, allowing them to tie the game 4-4. After a failed attempt with bases loaded in the bottom of the seventh it was off to extras to seal the deal. Once again we leaned on Jim Meehan, who took care of business with a walk off…hit by pitch. Hey…a win’s a win.

To finish off our weekend we took on Rowan University Sunday afternoon. Despite the cold and dreary weather, we came to play as we drew first blood on a throwing error, which scored Kyle Cook. Chris Frankenfield was too much for the Profs as he quieted their bats all day, leaving room for ours. Mike Connolly continued his red-hot streak as he jumpstarted our offense with a two run homer. Setting the pace for how the rest of the day would be, as we beat a talented Rowan team 9-0.

As Coach Saikia has said many times, there are no more secrets in baseball. You have to pitch, hit and defend in order to win. Well this week we had stellar pitching performances, most notable was Chris Frankenfield who stayed within himself and threw his game to perfection. We had hitting, as Mike Connolly torched opposing pitchers on his way to CAC Player of the Week, and Spartan Athlete of the Week (Congrats Mike) and we played good defense. You can’t really ask for much more. But as I was told my freshman year, in order to be a good baseball player you have to be “stupid”, well not really stupid, but forgetful. In essence what happened last week, or last game, or even last at bat, good or bad, didn’t happen. You have to focus on the present, each game, each pitch, is new challenge. That being said, watch out for us this week as we have a great OPPORTUNITY with six games in five days.

Check back next week!

Proud Spartan,
CT Stanley #13

Quote of the week: “Winning takes talent, to repeat takes character.”

March 23, 2010

As promised I am back, but not as happy as either you or I wished. For those who were not following we just completed a stretch of seven games in five days. It was a great opportunity for us to get back on track or as coach said, it was a chance for us to take a few steps forward.

We started off the week hot as we swept Wesley College in a double header and picked up a victory over Elizabethtown College. It seemed like everything was beginning to click, our offense began to emerge and we had stellar pitching performances by Jason, Andy, and Joey. Just as we got all the wheels turning we hit a speed bump at Gettysburg where we decided to play baseball in the fifth inning, needless to say it’s tough to win when you only play half the game. We were back in action Friday to take on Stevenson. The energy of the guys in bp and pregame was great, but it didn’t translate to the game as we stumbled to put it all together and dropped our second straight.

To end our seven-game stretch we took on Stevenson in a double-header match up, this time on our “turf”. We started off the day with something I am very sure has never happened in the history of York College baseball, a Coach Saikia “front roll” (You had to see it to believe it. Those of us who were there, if I may steal a line from Nike when referring to Lebron James…we are all witnesses.) Coach's newly found pregame ritual relaxed us as we came out of the gate swinging with an 11-3 victory. The notable blows where Joe Doyle’s bases clearing double and Mike Connolly’s three-run bomb, that I’m sure some aircrafts picked up on their radar. The Mustangs fired right back in the second game as they posted six runs to our two, as we closed out our seven-game stretch with a 4-3 record. Although our week didn’t end up the way we wanted, we did take steps in the right direction. We still are not running on all cylinders. We have shown flashes of the team we can be, now all we have to do is be consistent.

I was recently doing a project in my finance class in which I had to look up a company’s financial statements. In doing this I stumbled upon the company’s mission statement. After reading the mission statement I found myself reading one line over and over again. “From crisis comes OPPORTUNITY. The chance to emerge BETTER than ever before.” I wouldn’t say we are in a crisis per say. However, I think some people have counted us out, which gives us the OPPORTUNITY to prove them wrong. In this tough stretch we have learned a lot about who we are and our weaknesses, which are great to know so we can fix them and “emerge BETTER than ever before.”

Until next week!

Proud Spartan,

CT Stanley #13

Quote of the week: “Don’t compare yourself to anyone, except your potential.”

March 5, 2010 - posted March 11

Hey everyone, I hope you guys enjoyed your snow piles while we were down in Georgia. I am sorry, I know that we rude. Don’t worry it wasn’t all that great. I got sunburn, and to make things worse they don’t carry aloe in stores down there, they say it’s a “seasonal product” go figure. Well enough rubbing our trip in your face let’s talk baseball.

The trip started off with a great team win at LaGrange College where Jason (Christenberry) just dominated their lineup. His attitude on the mound carried over to the offense where we swung the bats pretty well for the first time being outside.

Unfortunately our high-energy, competitive attitude did not spill over to our double-header against Emory. It seems like we couldn’t do anything right. I’m not the type to pass blame for a loss, especially two in one day but if I may I would like to blame dinner Friday night. We stopped at Ryan’s Buffet, which for those of you who don’t know, the best way I can describe it is as Golden Corral’s reclusive southern cousin twice removed and mildly more expensive (Thanks, Coach.)

We jumped back up on the horse Sunday to take down a very talented Rhodes College team in one of the most high energy, competitive, and fun (because we won) games I have been apart of in my days in the Green and White. It was great team baseball, and many different guys took the lead, as we all made a decision before we got on the bus that we were winning that game. We concluded our trip with a stop at Randolph-Macon, where our team’s performance was just as beautiful as the weather. (38 degrees raining all game and turning into a wintery mix in the 8th and 9th innings.) We never seemed to get anything going with the sticks, as we mounted thre runs, to Macon’s nine. It was a long, quiet drive back home knowing how we just performed and how it was nowhere near the baseball we are capable of playing.

Although our record says we are 2-3, we are far more dangerous than that. Even in our wins we were not even close to clicking on all cylinders. We will get better with every pitch. Look for us to open up the CAC strong with our next five games being against conference opponents Mary Washington, and Wesley.
Until next week,

Proud Spartan,

CT Stanley #13

Quote of the week:  “A show beats a tell.”


February 9, 2010 - posted March 1

Hello everyone, my name is CT Stanley 1st basemen for the York, and a very proud Spartan. Before I start I would like to thank Brent Duffy and Scott Guise in sports information for giving me this opportunity to share our season with you. Thanks guys!

First things first, I cannot wait for the season to start and I know all my boys feel the same way. We've been cooped up inside for about 3 ½ weeks now and with the way its snowing right now it doesn't look like we will get out side until our first game vs. LaGrange. As unfortunate as that sounds a lot of good things are happening. Although we are limited to the things we can do inside, our guys are making the most out of practice everyday. Whether it be pitching, hitting, defense, base running, or our newly implemented "torture," yes I said torture, workouts (thanks Coach Ellis, I'm still getting over the mountain climber/Spiderman set)  we are getting sharper and sharper everyday. By the way, if anyone wants to take witness to what our torture workout entails feel free to join us at 5:30 a.m. Tuesday through Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

I can tell this is going to be a special year this by how tight and close our team is, and how we hold each other accountable. I believe this is a direct reflection on the leadership and experience we are returning. Starting at the top with seniors like Mike Connolly, Jason Christenberry, and Jim Meehan to juniors like Kyle Cook, Rob Klinck, and Joe Doyle and sophomores like Dustin Worthman and KC Beshore. They all know what it takes to win and get to regionals. Our depth is going to make us tough to beat, but our experience is what's going to make us a dangerous.

I was browsing at our conference web site (www.cacsports.com) earlier this week with pitcher Andy Rosenzweig and saw that the preseason rankings were posted. We were #2 to Salisbury who had two preseason All-Americans and an Honorable Mention. We had none. Our coach says that none of that matters, the only ranking that matters is the one at the end of the season. Which I agree with, however lets use this as motivation! Who will be the real #1? Who will our All-Americans be? 

Be safe, warm and try not to pull out your back shoveling all this snow.

Until next time,

CT Stanley #13

Quote of the Week: "Anything a man can imagine, he can achieve."